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The E2 Visa Lawyer

The E2 Visa Lawyer Provides All The Legal Help You Need To Launch An American Business

Our ambition isn't just to get you a visa, it's to help you succeed. We help with every aspect of becoming an E2 Visa Treaty Investor. We take the time to learn about you, how you operate and what your goals are.

Our BUSINESS + IMMIGRATION Solution™ provides brainstorming sessions, ongoing guidance, and weekly check-ins. We arm you with strategic legal advice to maximize your odds of success.

Who Can Benefit From an E2 Visa?

An E2 visa lets you live in the US so you can own and run a US business. The E2 visa is the best option yet for entrepreneurs. That's why it's often called the "entrepreneur visa" or "startup visa."

You can start a new business or acquire an existing one. Neither requires a track record, but E2 visas are tightly regulated and subject to 7 legal requirements.

It's full name is the "E2 Treaty Investor Visa." You're only eligible if you come from a treaty country.

The E2 Visa Lawyer's

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    Case Evaluation

    We will assess your eligibility for the E2 visa and evaluate:

    • Treaty country citizenship
    • Type of business desired
    • Your short, medium and long term business goals
    • Amount and source of funds
    • Professional experience
    • Role you will play in the E2 visa company
    • Other visa types that would better suit your profile, needs or goals

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    Continuous Guidance

    Get on-demand brainstorming sessions and weekly phone or Skype check-ins. With our help, make informed decisions throughout the process.

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    Business Set-Up


    Due Diligence, Negotiation and Purchase of Company

    Get all the legal advice and documents you need to start a new business, including:

    • Preparation of business formation documents
    • Drafting of initial bylaws and corporate resolutions
    • Approval of issuance of stock to E2 visa investor
    • Preparation and filing of Employer Identification Number Application (Federal Tax I.D.)


    Once you find a business to purchase, we represent you throughout the acquisition process. We will be:

    • Completing the due diligence
    • Drafting the letter of intent
    • Drafting the escrow and pledge agreement
    • Amending the Bylaws
    • Drafting the stock or asset purchase agreement
    • Drafting the assignment of existing real estate lease
    • Negotiating the legal terms

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    Ongoing Weekly Check-Ins

    Weekly check-ins continue throughout the E2 visa process.

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    Reviews of Business Plan

    Your business plan goes through many iterations. We offer feedback throughout. Early on, we review your plan and its financial projections. Later, we perform a final review before submission to the USCIS or US Consulate.

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    E2 Visa Application Preparation

    The E2 visa application process includes:

    • Detailed review of nature and structure of the E2 Visa company
    • Development of organizational chart
    • Reviewing client’s educational and professional background
    • Reviewing requested documents
    • Preparing all required immigration forms
    • Piecing together the E2 application
    • Reviewing and refining the application
    • Opportunity for client to review the application before submission

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    E2 Visa Filing and Schedule of Consular Interview

    We file the E2 Visa application and schedule an interview with the U.S. Consulate (if you are already in the US you may file with the USCIS).

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    Monitoring and Troubleshooting

    We monitor your application status and prepare replies to any Requests For Information (RFI).

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    Preparation to E2 Visa Consular Interview

    During a Skype or phone consultation, we prepare you for the E2 visa consular interview.


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The E2 Visa Lawyer Provides Integrated Immigration and Business Law Services

Our BUSINESS + IMMIGRATION Solution™ offers combined business and immigration law services.

Foreign entrepreneurs face considerable legal obstacles. You can't separate business law from immigration law. We believe you must handle both at the same time.

Most immigration law firms can't help with more than your visa. We care about the future of your business and aim to understand it completely. This allow us to offer personalized strategic advice and exceptional legal service.

The E2 Visa Lawyer is based in New York, New York, serving entrepreneurs and investors worldwide.

What Clients Are Saying . . .

  • “I would use the services of Buchwald & Associates again and again. He’s patient and accommodating; more importantly he helped me through challenges I didn’t even know I had. I would recommend his services to others undoubtedly. 5 stars are not enough to reflect the services he renders.”

    Yvonne D.
  • “In the past year Steven has helped me navigate the complex terrains of obtaining an E-2 visa and forming my dream business. In addition to being an exceptional attorney in immigration and intellectual property, he also helped me make invaluable business connections. I’m very lucky to have retained his service!”

  • “Steven is a sharp lawyer with incredible patience. He understands the needs of his clients and helped me with every step.”

    Jeff S.
  • “Steven has been an essential partner for us … He’s knowledgeable, articulate, and most importantly: patient. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

    Quincy M.
  • “… Steven has become an invaluable ally … He has been incredibly patient, thorough and supportive. Everything that I have done with him has been incredibly smooth and painless. He is extremely sharp and a gentleman. He really cares about what I do and wants to see me succeed. He has been incredibly fair and professional every time an unforeseen challenge arises for me. I feel incredibly fortunate and relieved to have found Steven.”

    Frank S.
  • “Mr. Steven Buchwald is very helpful and gets things done as he says he will. When I first spoke to Mr. Buchwald he explained to myself in full details the pros and cons of what I was inquiring about before we moved forward.
    He also got everything done just as he said he would beforehand. I would
    recommend him and his firm to anyone.”

    Marvin B.
  • “We talked to several attorneys in the NYC area but Steven Buchwald was the one my family and I were the most comfortable with. He is very professional, patient, has great communication skills, and responds to any of our questions promptly. We never felt that we were just another one of his cases. I would highly recommend Mr. Buchwald as he is excellent in his ability to assist a client with their legal needs.”

    Eli A.